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Dead Method is an enigmatic and electrifying electro-pop artist who has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of infectious beats, soul-stirring melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. With an unmistakable sonic identity and a captivating stage presence, Dead Method has become a rising star in the contemporary music landscape.

"A 21st century pop star is born" - NewSoundWales

"This artist creates these mighty releases where boundaries are shattered, in its place this expressive landscape that anyone can immerse themselves within"

- Circuit Sweet

Image of pop artist Dead Method singing into a microphone

"A great, enticing darkness." - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

A proud champion for LGBTQ+ culture, his songs ripple with a certain industrial glamour and a touch of violence. a promising artist with depths still to be explored - GOd Is In The TV

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