Dead Method is the project of Artist/singer/songwriter Lloyd Best, whose music plunges deep into the depths of dark, experimental electronic pop as he explores sexuality, homophobia, love, activism, and more with sobering honesty and poetic flair.

A proud champion for LGBTQ+ culture, his songs ripple with a certain industrial glamour and a touch of violence. a promising artist with depths still to be explored - GOd Is In The TV


“There's something darkly exotic and wonderful different about Dead Method, whose artful electronica is beautifully creative and pulls on the emotional heartstrings, courtesy of frontman Lloyd's captivating voice.” – David Owens, WalesOnline

"A great, enticing darkness." - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

"There is a beautiful dark foreboding intensity to the music of Dead Method. Classy and well-crafted electronic tracks with expressive and haunting vocals. Dead Method are well and truly dragging the torch song into the 21st century." – NewSoundWales

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